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Code Insemination station full name Coordinates
Code Import status full name
Code Race/Population short name Race/Population full name

Updated pedigrees

JBH_2023, 08.05.2024

MF_2023, 05.05.2024

NSG_2023, 04.05.2024

SOL_2023, 25.04.2024

SOL_2022, 25.04.2024

PZN_2023, 25.04.2024

DD_2023, 23.04.2024

AvD_2023, 16.04.2024

AH_2023, 08.04.2024

VG_2022, 04.04.2024

VG_2021, 04.04.2024

GN_2023, 25.03.2024

MIK_2021, 25.03.2024

ASO_2023, 25.03.2024

FF_2023, 23.03.2024

DGB_2023, 21.03.2024

FF_2022, 20.03.2024

AAF_2023, 17.03.2024

ACL_2023, 15.03.2024

ACL_2022, 14.03.2024

SC_2022, 10.03.2024

KID_2023, 07.03.2024

LEH_2023, 01.03.2024

BLW_2023, 29.02.2024

TWS_2023, 28.02.2024

KKS_2023, 28.02.2024

GSS_2023, 28.02.2024

GSS_2022, 28.02.2024

MMU_2023, 14.02.2024

MMU_2022, 14.02.2024

MMU_2021, 14.02.2024

AER_2023, 13.02.2024

PU_2023, 12.02.2024

ROW_2023, 11.02.2024

BGM_2023, 06.02.2024

GSZ_2023, 05.02.2024

FTI_2023, 05.02.2024

TN_2023, 04.02.2024

MP_2023, 04.02.2024

ARK_2023, 04.02.2024

CFK_2023, 04.02.2024

BZF_2023, 04.02.2024

MR_2023, 27.01.2024

SL_2023, 26.01.2024

SPL_2023, 25.01.2024

WJA_2023, 25.01.2024

SAG_2023, 23.01.2024

SFW_2023, 22.01.2024

SPL_2022, 11.01.2024

ALM_2023, 10.01.2024

VDH_2023, 09.01.2024

MRE_2023, 08.01.2024

GKT_2023, 08.01.2024

NJO_2023, 05.01.2024

ADK_2023, 04.01.2024

CHU_2023, 04.01.2024

MU_2023, 03.01.2024

MU_2022, 03.01.2024

VIP_2023, 02.01.2024

LS_2007, 02.01.2024

SAS_2023, 02.01.2024

LDA_2023, 02.01.2024

RF_2023, 02.01.2024

SAV_2023, 19.12.2023

MDM_2023, 16.12.2023

MKN_2023, 15.12.2023

SMG_2023, 14.12.2023

TAM_2023, 14.12.2023

TLa_2023, 05.12.2023

JtB_2023, 03.12.2023

JtB_2022, 03.12.2023 [updated]

HOS_2023, 02.12.2023

CHB_2023, 28.11.2023

BSC_2023, 27.11.2023

JAB_2023, 23.11.2023

SDV_2023, 22.11.2023

NG_2023, 21.11.2023

NG_2022, 21.11.2023

NG_2021, 21.11.2023

PAN_2023, 21.11.2023

LOZ_2023, 20.11.2023

KS_2023, 20.11.2023

FSP_2023, 18.11.2023

RHO_2023, 17.11.2023

PP_2023, 17.11.2023

JBB_2023, 22.10.2023

MAN_2023, 19.10.2023

GEM_2023, 19.10.2023

HOS_2022, 18.10.2023

JBB_2022, 16.10.2023

KK_2023, 14.10.2023

DZ_2023, 04.10.2023

AVM_2023, 03.10.2023

PM_2022, 01.10.2023 [imported from JMvD]

DS_2021, 01.10.2023 [imported from JMvD]

VD_2022, 01.10.2023 [imported from JMvD]

SJR_2023, 01.10.2023

PJ_2023, 30.09.2023

TK_2023, 30.09.2023

GRP_2023, 27.09.2023

LS_2023, 24.09.2023

RS_2023, 24.09.2023

ABg_2023, 24.09.2023

CST_2023, 24.09.2023

TW_2023, 22.09.2023

MSM_2023, 22.09.2023

FAN_2023, 22.09.2023

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Breeding value estimation

Show year Search for a queen Allowed all letters or letter combinations. Example: ´(K` or ´(KK)` or ´B` or ´123` or ´1dr` or ´Vt`, etc.
Breederqueen Birthyear Pedigree Vit. of bees Vit. of brood Temper Calm Swarmtendency Fertility Crop early Crop summer Overwintering Build. combs Build. propolis Varroa Number Varroa VSH COI % used as breeder queen COI % used as drone mother

Predict COI for mating partner (COI = Coefficient of Inbreeding)

Search for mating partners for a breeder colony: and birthyear Allowed for example: "B950(PP)1dr" or "(PP)1dr" or "(PP)" in breeder colony field and for example: .19 in birthyear field
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Step 1: Breeder data and pedigree year

Breeder code: KK

Josef Koller


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Step 2: Breeder colony data

Breeder colonies so far for the pedigree

Header (Race/Population) Breeder Nr Importstatus Queen
Mother Mother
Drones Count
Additional explanations
- Buckfast Breeder Nr ... B11(KK)1dr imq .16 B101(KK) .15 ins B56Vt(KK) [2 dr.c..] nothing
- Buckfast Breeder Nr ... B22(KK) .16 B101(KK) .16 ins B56Vt(KK)


Click to [Search] to get an overview of drones on possible mating-/insemination stations.

and then apply the needed drones.

When you have all drones of visited mating-/insemination stations added

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Step 3: Mating-/insemintion stations (Drone colony data)

Drones of the visited mating-/insemination stations


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Step 4: Used as below

used as below text


Fill out the evaluation fields

Notes on the evaluation table can be found at [Helpful notes ->Pedigree evaluation notes].

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Step 4: Evaluation table

Breeder Birth Pedigree Eval. Vitality of Temper Swarm- Ferti- Crop Overwin- Building Varroa HYG+ Remarks Tester
number year of queen year bees brood of bees tendency lity Early Summer Late tering Combs Propolis number VSH %     code


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Step 2: Comment    Pedigree season:

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Please send an email with your data to

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After verification of your details, your connection data will be returned.

Please send an email with your data to

(Name, breeder code and your email adress)


After verification of your details, your connection data will be returned.

Renaud Lavend'Homme (BE) [Translation to French]

Nelson Esteves (PT) [Translation to Portuguese]

Kirill & Ekaterina Vasiliev   Кирилл Васильев [Translation to Russian]

Ilya Rezvykh [Translation to Russian]

Achiel Dhooge [Translation to Dutch]

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Klakow [Breeding value estimination and calculation of Coefficient of Inbreeding]


*) This fields are required!

Follow step by step the given fields.

1. select a header (Race, Population).

2. Insert the breeder colony number.

3. If necessary select an import status.

4. Insert the birthyear of the queen in the breeder colony.

5. Insert or search mother colony number.

6. If you find no mother or drones and it is an import, check the checkbox field and insert your numbers like this:

  -AnatolianM- for the mother,a -x- for the matingstation and -AnatholianD- for the drones.

  Do not forget an additional text in such cases!

7. Select a mating station.

  If the drones of the selected mating station and the specified pedigree year are registered in the database, the fields Drones and count of drone colonies will be filled automatically.

  If the drones are not registered in the database, insert the drone number and the count of drone colonies.

  See the notes to point 6.

8. If necessary do not forget an aditional text!

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Click [Validate]: Your data will be checked to ensure a correct entry.

*)  Header (Race/Population)
sample: - Buckfast Breeder Nr ...
*)  Breeder colony Nr
sample: B11(KK)
sample: imq:import mated queen
*)  Birthyear
sample: .20
*)  Mother sample: B216(LS)
     Search for a mother  
  Mother is an imported breeder queen
*)  Mother Birthyear
sample: .18
*)  Mating station
sample: hbg or ins

*)  Drones, supplied by daughters of ...
sample: B16(PP)
Count drones colonies.
sample: [22dr.c.]
Additional text
sample: pure Sizilian (Amadeo) (IT), imported by Josef Koller (DE)

A breeding value of 100 means that 50% of the queens are better than all queens, 50% are worse. 110 means the queen is better than 84% of all queens. For 120 the queen is better than 98% of all queens.

Last year, the breeding values were normalized with respect to the average evaluation. This year, the breading values are normalized as in beebreed.

More info about the breeding value estimation on https://www2.hu-berlin.de/beebreed/ZWS/do/de/faq.php (in German)

This page provides predicted coefficients of inbreeding (COI) when mating a breeder colony (mother) with a drone colony in 2022.

You can search by name of the planned mother colony and year of birth of the queen of the mother colony. In case the name is part of an anonymous queen (e.g B466(FF)) and the year of birth is the previous year (in 2022 this would be .21) also mating partners for anonymous queens (e.g. that have B466(FF).21 as a parent) are displayed.

If there are multiple hits for the same search, multiple tabs are displayed, one for each possible mother colony matching the search. By clicking on a tab, you can select a mother colony.

Queen bee COI child colony: as the queen of the child colony is a sister of the workers of the mother colony, the queen's coefficient of inbreeding is identical to the coefficient of inbreeding of the workers of the mother colony and cannot be influenced by mating in 2022. This is the COI displayed in the corresponding tabs.

Below the tabs you see the results for the different possible drone colonies. By clicking on the red arrow, you can sort the table by increasing/decreasing COI.

Worker bee COI child colony: the inbreeding of the workers depends on the type of mating. Single Drone Insemination (SDI) resulting in the highest COI, Multiple Drone Insemination (MDI, all drones from the same colony) in a moderate COI and a mating station in the lowest COI. Of course in any case the COI of the parents and their relatedness has overall a very big effect.

By clicking on the “show” button, the full pedigree of queen and drone colonies and their evaluation are displayed.

Note: this is available only for colonies which have been added to the pedigree before January 1st 2022. Updates can be provided in monthly intervals.

We follow the approach by Bienefeld et al. 2007 https://www.apidologie.org/articles/apido/pdf/2007/01/m6058.pdf and Bienefeld et al. 1989 https://www.apidologie.org/articles/apido/pdf/1989/05/Apidologie_0044-8435_1989_20_5_ART0009.pdf